About This Project


Why not?

Okay… why eggplants?

Because Soda Machines were taken already 😉

Do I know you? Where are you from?

I don’t think so. I’m (not really) known as 🇵🇱Mhmmm and together with 🇷🇺Tourghool and 🇱🇹Vaidas we decided to create this beautiful place. Oh! Also thanks to 🇵🇱Nabi for quickly putting together our graphics!

We are also present on social media (kinda…), you can follow us on Twitter!

Seriously though, why this exists?

Seriously? I don’t know, we had a crazy idea and decided to make it happen. Oh and previously mentioned Soda Machine Project was a great inspiration. So great, that we even had to copy their website (sorry!).

Can I somehow support you?

But of course! Helping us find every video game with eggplants in it would be great! Use the request an eggplant form, please!

And if you feel really generous and would like to help us with cash, make sure to check out our Patreon page.

Uhhh… but why?